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Land of Legends Epic Fantasy RPG for PC, MAC, Windows

Land of Legends Epic Fantasy RPG for PC

Land of Legends is the brand new fantasy RPG. It is developed by the XYRALITY GmbH. This game consists of the dangerous darkest Dungeons and an undesirable wilderness is waiting for you. Are you the one hero which is superior and above all monsters. Become and might wizard and cast your spell all over the world. A […]

Download Darkness Survival for PC, MAC, Windows

Darkness Survival for PC

The darkness its self is the most strange power what can it do. It can destroy a person mind or it can develop it. The thoughts which come in darkness is the most applicable thing in real life. But when the darkness instead of one person tries to occupy the whole world. That darkness is […]

Download Rise of Darkness for PC, MAC, Laptop, Windows

Rise of Darkness for PC

The darkness is going to free after the imprisonment of millions of year. The Evil power which is beyond your imagination. What can it do you even can’t think? But you know God has created a rival for everything. There must be an evil power rival for a good deed and vise versa. Every demon has […]

Download Raider Legend for PC, MAC, Laptop

Raider Legend for PC

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games have such a huge fan following its name size. People are always in search for these kinds of games because they are able to give the maximum entertainment for free. We have already written about many MMORPG games and today we are here with another sensation game belongs to this […]

Download Tome of the Sun for PC, MAC, Windows

Tom of the sun for PC

Tom of the sun is another product by NetEase Games. Recently they have launched this product. This product is the fantasy massively multiplayer online game. This game has taken the roleplaying category to another level. without any doubt, a big game by big name also a decent increase in the NetEase games play store showcase. […]

Mermaid Secrets 3 School Drama For PC – Free Download

Mermaid Secrets 3 School Drama For PC

JoyPlus Technology Co., Ltd. released a new Casual game Mermaid Secrets 3 School Drama on Google Play Store. There are a lot of amazing creatures from the fantasy land and their existence in the real world has become a mystery. Moreover, there has been a lot of myths about these fantasy creatures that relate them to […]

Download Musou Glory for PC, MAC

Musou Glory for PC

If you are searching for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. You are in the right spot. Because EYOUGAME(USS) launched the as unique roleplaying game as their name. The “Musou Glory” is now available on both iOS and Android to all mobile platforms. Involve yourself in the world where divine creatures and demon coexist. The grace of […]

Download Shadow Fight 3 For PC & laptop

Shadow Fight 3 For PC

NEKKI released a new Role Playing game Shadow Fight 3 on Google Play Store. The game is set in the land of shadows never seen before in the real world. Moreover, you are on a mission to unleash a lot of hidden mysteries and secrets dug in the streets of the dark land. Furthermore, on your journey, […]

Download Mad Teacher Classroom Makeover Madness For PC

Mad Teacher Classroom Makeover Madness For PC

TabTale released a new Role Playing game Mad Teacher Classroom Makeover Madness on Google Play Store. Everybody has been to the school or college once in their life and there were all kinds of people out there. In this game, you are facing a similar scenario where a teacher in your college has gone mad. It […]

Download The Sword and Lovers for PC, MAC, Windows

The Sword and Lovers for PC

Now fulfill your fantasies which you fantasized when you play the imaginary role-playing game. In fulfilling this 9Splay will help by their new sizzling hot product The Sword and Lovers. This game will take you a memorable adventure in which you are going to explore a new fantasy world. Explore a new ancient eastern fantasy world. […]

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