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At Apps PC Wiki, we are showcasing the latest mobile applications for your computer, whether you’re using a Windows or Mac operating system.

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Apps PC Wiki provides tutorials and information about how to use mobile applications on your laptop or desktop.

You can choose from apps for pc with FPS in the action genre, puzzle games, role-playing, and many productivity apps such as VPN’s and other security apps.

We use smartphones every day for all kinds of uses, from casual gaming to email to utilitarian uses for specific work tools. Some cases work fine for a small phone screen, but many applications actually provide a much better environment and greater efficiency with the screen and processing power of a laptop or desktop computer.

To help connect these applications to computers, you can use one of many different types of Android emulators. Some are built for developers to test, but many are for the average Joe who just wants the laptop experience of a mobile application. This is especially beneficial for the gaming genre where many types of games require a great amount of control that’s not easy to accomplish with the small inputs of a smartphone.

Some Android emulators cater directly to this audience by allow for custom keyboard input such as Bluestacks. You can customize your keyboard settings to fit your playing style on a specific mobile app.

For those who are more interested in the development side, Android emulators are increasingly used for testing various features of an app that’s in development or being upgraded with new functionality or code changes.

In any case, you need a way to determine how an app will perform on a multitude of devices. But since larger programs for coding are used on a PC, this is the most logical place to begin testing.