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Category: Strategy

Play Hopeless Land Fight for Survival Game On PC or Laptop

Hopeless Land Fight for Survival for PC

After monitoring the hype of survival game in the ending of previous years. Many other developers tried to reach that level. But the caliber of their games was not good enough. Hopeless Land Fight for Survival is a game which can give tough time to those survival games. This game is made by the HERO […]

How to Play Fortress of Champions for PC, MAC, Windows

Fortress of Champions for PC

Another game like clash of clans is recently launched the Google Play Store recently. Smartphones games are the best, easy and conditionally free entertainment to kill the boredom. Strategy games got the boost from the kingdom building games. And Fortress of champions is a decent increase in the Kingdom building games. Like others, in the […]

Check Out Hero Academy 2 for PC, MAC, Windows

Hero Academy 2 for PC

Hero Academy is the famous strategy game which was only for the iOS devices. Now its part 2 is also available for Android devices. Hero Academy 2 is the sensational strategy game. It is more entertaining, flawless and luxury then its previous parts. Create your custom army from tons of medieval characters and factions! Fight real-time […]

How to Play Rules of Honor CS Survival for PC, MAC

Rules of Honor CS Survival for PC

If you are a true fps fans, then Rules of honor is truly a gem for you. Terrorism is spreading fastly in your city. As a counter-terrorism elite, it’s your responsibility to grab each and every harmful element. Clear the territories from terrorists in your area one by one. No complexities are involved in this […]

Check Out Wartune Hall of Heroes for PC, MAC, Laptop

Wartune Hall of Heroes for PC

Start destroying everything that comes in your war including the Goblins and the skeletons and start the journey. Recently Gaea Mobile Limited also decided to introduce their Strategy product by name of Wartune Hall of Heroes. The simple and addictive game in which you acquire the authorities of epic empire. Occupy their resources and earn reputation. Strive to penetrate into […]

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for PC, MAC, Laptop

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for PC

Kingdoms of Camelot Battle is an outstanding strategy game. This game falls under the kingdom building category. if you have played such kind of games then you will already know what you have to do in these. Build your kingdom, manage its matters and run it. The era of War od the game like the world famous brand […]

Play Roll Dice Three Kingdoms for PC, MAC, Laptop

Roll Dice Three Kingdoms for PC

Roll Dice Three kingdom is the strategical product of TechZuus. This game presents an amazing events in the facebook cimmmunity. Don’t miss the chance to make your weekend awesome for free. I bet you have never seen such a real-time game set in the three kingdoms. This game offers an extreme competition to unify the kingdom […]

Get Era of War Clash of epic Clans for PC, MAC

Era of War Clash of epic Clans for PC

The era of War od the game like the world famous brand Clash of Clans. It is the real-time strategy game flagship from Vietnam. Do you have guts of leadership, if yes then show us in this strategical sensation? This game falls under the kingdom building category. if you have played such kind of games […]

Download Battle Royale Simulator for PC, MAC, Windows

Battle Royale Simulator for PC

Nothing is impossible in the Battle Royale Simulator. This game provides you a platform where everything you want to do in sense of battles is possible. An incredible piece of art crafted by the CARIK. They are the most emerging developers of 2018 start. Now come to the topic. What Battle Royale Simulator has got for […]

Download Star Trek Timelines for PC, MAC, Windows

Star Trek Timelines for PC

StarWars fans know that how much thrilling a spaceship battle is. Gaining the gamers attention is not an easy task to do. They always want something new. And that thing is provided to them by the Disruptor Beam developers in shape of Star Trek Timelines. It is first mobile game to include ships and characters from the new series Star […]

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