Ballz Shooter For PC and Laptop – Free Download

Ketchapp just released another classic remake of the Arcade games Ballz Shooter on Google Play Store.

We all can recall some games from the 90’s that got a remake because of their popularity. Some of them were even more awesome than the original ones while others disappointed their fans badly.

Moreover, some games are not remakes exactly but are only inspired by the real concept.

We all can recall the classic Breakout game from the 90’s where you had to break the bricks using a ball. Moreover, there was a slider at the bottom of the screen that didn’t let the ball fall down if you slide it right. In addition to that, whenever you touched the ball with the slider it reflected back just like it did after touching anything in its way.

It is a nonstop ball as long as it doesn’t fall.

Ballz Shooter For PC

Well, now there is a similar game with some similarities released on the Google Play Store. This game similar to Breakout where you broke bricks with a ball is Ballz Shooter. And by the way, we’d also highly recommend Guns of Glory if you’re into shooter games.

But there is one huge difference and that is that every brick you hit will not be destroyed in a single hit. Moreover, to make them disappear hit them as many times as the number written on it.

So, if a box or a brick has 20 written on then you’ll have to hit it 20 times with balls to make it disappear. In addition to that, you will also collect more balls and then use them to finish all the boxes.

Just make sure that no brick or box moves to the bottom and you are good to go. One more upgrade is that there is a cannon at the bottom replacing slider.

Ballz Shooter For PC

This Ballz Shooter is launched for Android & iOS device and you can download it on your device from Google Play and App Store respectively. Moreover, if you are willing to Download Ballz Shooter then you are at the right spot. Follow the steps given below and start enjoying Ballz Shooter.

How to Download Ballz Shooter For PC on Windows 10/8/7/Xp/Vista and Mac OS!

  1. First of all, install an Android Emulator on your Computer (Windows/Mac). Moreover, you can install from various emulators listed here.
  2. Download and install your favorite emulator to enjoy Android Apps for PC. [BlueStacks | Rooted BlueStacks KOPlayer]
  3. Now once you have successfully installed any of the android emulators listed above Open it.
  4. Find the search button of your emulator and Enter “Ballz Shooter ” in the search box. Click on the app/Ballz Shooter once it appears and installs it.
  5. Moreover, if the above step doesn’t work open your emulator and find Google Play store in it. Now go the search bar in the Play Store and type “Ballz Shooter ”  in the search bar. Click on your desired app/Ballz Shooter once it appears and installs it.
  6. Once installed, exit the play store and find all apps of your emulators. “Ballz Shooter ” will be in all apps on your emulator, click on this app/Ballz Shooter to start using it.
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to learn more about this app/Ballz Shooter and enjoy.
  8. That’s all for How to Download Ballz Shooter For PC on Windows 10/8/7/Xp/Vista and Mac OS!!

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