BlueStacks Rooted Download on PC (Windows and Mac)

Have you ever heard the term Android emulator? 

Basically, Android emulator acts as a bridge or a medium between Android and Windows/Mac devices.

By using the Android emulators you can easily download and install Android apps for PC (Windows and Mac devices).

There are many emulators present in the market which will help you to download and install the Android Apps on Windows and Mac.

The Power of Bluestacks

Download BlueStacks for PC

But BlueStacks is the best Android emulator.

With the help of the BlueStacks Android emulator, you can get the Android Apps and Games directly to your PC. We even have a full guide on how to use it.

It operates as an Android, so BlueStacks is the best way to enjoy Android OS on Windows and Mac devices.

It will work as a bridge between the Android and Windows device. The best part is that you can also download this emulator on your Mac devices.

Basically, this Android emulator is designed for those people who want use Android Apps on PC. If you are lover playing games then you know that how much screen size matters. By using this emulator you will experience the game on bigger PC screens with Physical Controls.

This emulator works absolutely well and runs all the Android Apps and Games perfectly.

As BlueStacks is based on Android System. It runs on Android OS so like other Android devices you can also root the BlueStacks emulator. By rooting the BlueStacks emulator you will be able to enjoy using applications which require root access.

But rooting is a long process.

If you ever rooted an Android device, then you know that it takes a lot of time.

Instead of rooting a BlueStacks emulator, we’ll give you a Rooted BlueStacks.

Below you can see the link through which you can download BlueStacks Rooted Download (Windows and Mac).

Get A Bluestacks Rooted Download on your Windows/Mac Computer

Download BlueStacks for PC

By using the link given below you can easily download and install the Rooted BlueStacks on PC running Windows and Mac OS.

Download Rooted BlueStacks

After the complete downloading of the Rooted BlueStacks emulator, you need to follow these steps in order to configure the emulator with Google Play.

  1. Run the setup of the file by double clicking on it.
  2. After the complete installation of the Rooted BlueStacks, you will see an icon of BlueStacks emulator on your eesktop screen.
  3. Click on the icon and open it.
  4. Now add your Gmail Account in order to use Google Play Store.
  5. After giving your Gmail you will see the interface of Google Play Store just like on Android device.
  6. Now you have to use the search bar in order to find you Favorite Android App or Game.
  7. After finding your favorite App/Game click on the install button.
  8. It will take some time to download. Once your App/Game is downloaded, Go to My Apps where you can see your downloaded App/Game.
  9. That’s all now you can use/play your Android Apps and Games on your PC.

That’s it for BlueStacks Rooted Download on PC. Still, if you are facing any problem while following this guide please let us know in the comment sections. Thanks!

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  1. Where do I add my Google info? Blue Stacks is running in my system tray but I do not see any way to open it to add my info


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