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How to Play Dark 3 for PC, Windows, MAC, Laptop

Dark 3 for PC

Experience the most intense battles in the gaming history. Dark 3 is the sensational roleplaying game by Gamea. Blast your way into the new fantasy world. Join the part with friends against rivals. Rivals are not so much ordinary as you are thinking they are the treacherous Dungeons. This game offers a massive arena. In […]

How to Play What’s Your Story? Game on PC, Mac, Windows

What's Your Story? for PC

In our childhood, we all have a crush on Goku, Ben 10 and other heroic characters. Every kid wants to become like their superheroes. We can’t become like them but we can be a part of them. Thanks to the new game type app What’s your story? And in very few time, it has gained […]

How to Play Luna Chronicles R for PC, MAC, Laptop

Luna Chronicles R for PC

Luna Chronicles is a new incredible game created by the Masangsoft. It is a stunning mixture of RPG and Strategy elements. This game has an interesting storyline behind this. There was a peaceful city and its citizens are living in love and harmony. Suddenly anti-peace components have taken over their fortress. They have an intention […]

Bladebound hack and slash RPG for PC, MAC, Windows

Bladebound hack and slash RPG for PC

Million of years ago the legends have imprisoned the dark forces. The legends sealed them and they got stuck in the dark universe forever. People were not aware of this fact. It was a normal day and then suddenly the dark forces broke the seal. What can they you can’t even imagine? If they get successful […]

How to Play DawnBreak The Flaming Emperor on PC, MAC

DawnBreak The Flaming Emperor for PC

Want to play the PUBG like the game is the animated version then DawnBreak The Flaming Emperor is the best option. This game is an excellent mixture of RPG and Battle Royale. This game offers the full freedom and limitless exploration of Mysterious Lands. The amazing thing about this is the English Language. Because mostly animated […]

How to Use Legendary Game of Heroes for PC, MAC

Legendary Game of Heroes for PC

Recently N3TWORK Inc. has shown their presence on playstore with their new flagship product Legendary Game of Heroes. The legendary game of heroes is all about the collecting, training, and making. So first collecting the monsters, secondly training them and thirdly making them beasts. Enter into the world of korelis fantasy. Collect the monsters and make the […]


Final Fantasy Portal App for PC

Few years back the SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd has introduced their game Final fantasy. And the rest is history. Developers have not imagined that this game can gain this much massive popularity. Now there are more than 15 games which belongs to this series. Not just games it has also a huge portal on magzenes it […]

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] for PC, Win 10, MAC

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] for PC

The favorite cartoon character from the vault of Disney is back. Not in a movie this time he has shown his presence in the game. Kingdom hearts stands among the popular gaming series ever made for the smartphone platform. In this game, you will see some familiar faces which you have seen many times in the past. […]

The Sword and Lovers For PC

The Sword and Lovers For PC

9Splay released a new Role Playing game The Sword and Lovers on Google Play Store. The game is a classic fantasy game that will take you to a brand new world you have never seen before. Start exploring the land you have never seen before and seen every corner of this new world to understand […]

How to Play RPG Aurcus Online for PC, MAC, Windows, Laptop

RPG Aurcus Online for PC

A big MMORPG is recently released on the smartphone platform. This time Asobimo, Inc. has played with the roleplaying category of play store and App store with their new role-playing product RPG Aurcus Online. They have shown their presence in the gaming world in a remarkable way. This game is the super exhilarating action-packed game. It consists […]

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